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Camera’s everywhere! The age of DropCam and dropping dead.

There are exactly 2 reasons to install this fantastic product in a home. Peace of mind Visual confirmation There are exactly 2 reasons to be leery of this fantastic product in a home. Witnessing a tragic event Visual confirmation Nanny cams have brought us the age of comfort and security for our children. DropCam and […]

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Call for Whatchamacallit!

Dear religious fanatics of all kinds, I am personally and morally offended with any representations of religious figures or figurines in public.  Period. As a secularist I demand a Whatchamacallit! We need our own movement to stop being oppressed by oppressors. A Whatchamacallit is our moral proclamation of war against those who bombard us with […]

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Challenges vs Problems

Left side thinkers see the world as a problems.  Right side thinkers see the world as opportunities. While both words have a common focus, change, they come about the solution with vastly different baggage. Opportunity = potentially positive outcome that raises our fight instinct. Problem =  potentially a negative outcome that raises our flight instinct. […]

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The secret to any journey is not to trip on the first step

Secrets.  Magical things are they.  Value held in security, to be dispensed in trust, or held in arbitrage.  Given freely, a secret no more, unless unshared, it remains evermore. The journey, a metaphor for any time, adore them both we do; “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends […]

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Great In and Great Out_GIGO

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) in the field of computer science or information and communications technology refers to the fact that computers will unquestioningly process unintended, even nonsensical, input data (“garbage in”) and produce undesired, often nonsensical, output (“garbage out”). It’s a critical concept, so let’s reframe. Great in, great out (GIGO) in the field […]

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