Virtual Reality and PTSD

Over the next couple of months I will be exploring the potential impact of hashtag#vrptsd. Products like StrongMind for hashtag#PTSD are vital and a perfect application for treatment. My focus will be on the how new hashtag#virtualreality applications can cause PTSD or other more harmful side effects. While this might seem like a gaming problem, […]

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Microsoft has rooted Android

Let’s face it, Microsoft rooted Android and turning it into the most successful mobile strategy they have ever had.  How do I support this bold blame.  First, follow the money! Android accounts for a serious bonus to the bottom line:  And it will only grow.   Applications are being implanted into Android in exchange for […]

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Camera’s everywhere! The age of DropCam and dropping dead.

There are exactly 2 reasons to install this fantastic product in a home. Peace of mind Visual confirmation There are exactly 2 reasons to be leery of this fantastic product in a home. Witnessing a tragic event Visual confirmation Nanny cams have brought us the age of comfort and security for our children. DropCam and […]

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Call for Whatchamacallit!

Dear religious fanatics of all kinds, I am personally and morally offended with any representations of religious figures or figurines in public.  Period. As a secularist I demand a Whatchamacallit! We need our own movement to stop being oppressed by oppressors. A Whatchamacallit is our moral proclamation of war against those who bombard us with […]

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Problem or Opportunity

Today, is a special day.  I was asked to changed my previous lecture, which is all prepared and ready to go from last year.  A new format is presented. Problem or Opportunity? I’ll take opportunity.  Starting today, I am going to document the process of hearing a problem and creating an opportunity.  I will be […]

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The state of Internet comments in a nutshell

I have done an “exhaustive” study of the Internet and product reviews. Here are my key findings captured in comment quotes: 1) “Can’t wait to get one!” 2) “This rocks, other product “X” sucks” 3) “Costs too much” 4) “You’re a fanboy, nooo… you’re a bigger fan boy” 5) “Its simple… (insert senseless technical and […]

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